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Welcome -

As you probably know, we all enjoyed using the Oregon Live message board to communicate everything from game information, meeting times, the need for players, coaches and much more.

There have been a lot of changes at the Oregonian and at Oregon Live in the last few years. One of those changes was the elimination of the message board on the Oregon Live Website. This however did not eliminate our need for a Message or Bulletin Board.

Our thinking was, rather than seek out some other message board run by a third party, that could go away just as easily as the Oregon Live board, we'd build our own, so we did.

Under the best conditions, a message or bulletin board is a labor intensive undertaking requiring almost constant maintenance to both police and remove unwanted users and posts.

In spite of our best efforts, spammers (spambots) continue to invade our message board. We have managed to whittle the number down from 5 to 10 thousand a day to less than 100. The best way to avoid posts by these spammers is just don't click on their header (link). You'll recognize them, they are never Softball related.

We have the means to go in and remove large groups of these spammers at a time, but we don't have the ability to distinguish between the username a spambot might use and you. I am certain that some legitimate users have been deleted and I apologize for that.

We are asking that new users, use your own name or pseudonym if you wish, with at least one underscore (first_last) or (first_middle_last) or (billy_the_kid) as spambots seem to use a fairly typical first name and a screwy last name that runs all together like 'robertxmxfng'. They never seem to use the underscore, so if you use the underscore and your username makes a modicum of sense, we will be able to distinguish you from spambots and continue to enjoy the benefits of having our own message board.

We do ask that you register and log on in order to post and read all of the forums.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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